The mother-of-one’s porcelain skin looked perfect, while her brows were expertly groomed for the appearance. Her baby blue eyes shone through under smokey brown eyeshadow and lashings of black mascara. The contestants were visibly excited as they are introduced to the supermodel Stunning: The mother-of-one looked flawless in a tight-fitting green dress for the appearance Her short brunette locks were slicked back into a ponytail with a middle parting as she greeted the girls. The young contestants could hardly contain their excitement when they discovered who the guest judge was. One of the girls would be heard saying: The Malibu-based beauty’s brunette locks were slicked back in a low ponytail for the occasion ‘I nearly fainted’: Linnea, 16, was fighting back tears as she was about to meet Miranda It appears Miranda is set to judge next week’s photo shoot challenges. Miranda’s appearance is one of many by successful Australian supermodels throughout this series. Last month, it was Gemma Ward who guest judged alongside Jennifer Hawkins.

marvin and renee still together 2017

Do not read this if you don’t know the outcome of last night’s show. Also maybe don’t read this if you don’t watch Project Runway, because you’ll be confused, and probably bored. I’m mad that Mondo didn’t win. Or maybe I’m sad.

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I make this shizz look good, y’all!!! I’m fairly certain that not many people had faith that her new music would be any good Mona Lisa, anyone? Despite all the crazy drama that has been going on in her personal life, she has been wisely paired with very talented folks that would ensure that her new music would be hot. At the time of posting, Britney’s official personal website at BritneySpears.

Her new album, it has been announced and the title of which we’re still not privy to, will be released on November 13th: The club-friendly dance track officially premiered Thursday night on New York radio station Z ‘s Web site The song features the pop star’s signature breathy vocals, melodic electronic bleeps over a driving beat and a catchy hook that’s is true to the song’s title.

Spears opens the sexy and sassy tune by defiantly saying, “It’s Britney, bitch”, and producer Hills ends it in a shout out, saying, “Bet you didn’t see this coming.

She has nothing to hide,

Leave a Comment The Wife: You know how The Devil keeps mentioning that he has scads of other children? I should note that I do not remember anything about this episode of VMars at all. I guess I can compare when he shows up on Gossip Girl later this season as a love interest for Serena.

FHM, Maxim, Vogue, Filmfare, Femina, Collection Models Pictures. Thursday, May 5, Vogue Italia May

Vogue Asks, “Is Fashion Racist? I’ve certainly pondered that question myself over the past few years and I am sure that many other fashion enthusiasts have as well. Really, why is it that an industry such as this one known for embracing a variety of outlandish personalities and ideas is so blind when it comes to putting new faces in its clothes, on its runways or in its magazines.

In spite of the fact that Pat McGrath, Andre Leon Talley, photographer Mark Baptist and designers like Tracey Reese are influential enough to sit at the proverbial table, that diversity hasn’t tricked down to model employment office. This seems to suggest that people of other races are welcome to provide the glitz for a shoot but must never be the one to wear the accessories. I think about this topic often and it’s become the main focus of my blog because it wasn’t like this when I was growing up and first became enamored with fashion.

I still remember the day my English teacher brought in a stack of old ELLE magazines to give away and I got my first taste of it. I spent hours pouring over those images back then. It still meant something to me.

ANTM contestants burst into tears as they meet guest judge Miranda Kerr

Blessed with so many wonderful, engaging, and quality shows that we often find that there are too many and too few hours to catch them all. There have been incredible performances on the small screen this past year along with some touching, scary, intense and just plain amazing moments. Let’s take a moment to reflect back on the best of television Here are the rules: OK, here we go

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Hello, students, educators and visitors. Here you will find both course-specific and general content, posts, links, etc. Feel free to comment on anything. Please sign your comments. Students- please spell-check and proofread. Wednesday, September 12, Seniors: The Value of Beowulf Seniors: In my eyes, there are two primary reasons why analysis of Beowulf is critical for a student of English: It provides us with a taste of Old English and a sense of history, thereby giving us a sense of ownership and depth of understanding.

Comparative analysis of Anglo-Saxon culture against our own modern American culture opens our eyes to both the virtues and pitfalls of our value system and moral sense. Consider and respond to the prompt in bold and post your essay by no later than Sunday, September

Gay Spy: ‘Glee’ star Samuel Larsen loses dreadlocks, clothes

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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Manuel is known for his varied artistic palate and innate sense of aesthetics. For nine years, Manuel featured on every cycle of the show, becoming one of the biggest shows in the United States during this period. After 18 seasons with the show, Nigel Barker and J. Following the announcement, Manuel decided to leave the show.

The controversial move by Tyra Banks led to a media frenzy around Manuel and the show. He also made a cameo appearance in Degrassi Takes Manhattan, as well as playing himself in an episode of the comedy-drama television series Being Erica. In , Manuel released a clothing line for Sears Canada by the name of Attitude. Manuel was announced as a judge for the Miss Universe beauty pageant in early Jay Manuel Business Career In , Manuel announced that he was moving into the retail sector with a range of beauty stores.

The move was announced along with an exclusive partnership with Simon and its shopping centers. Manuel stated in an interview that they were to open their first bricks and mortar location at Roosevelt Field Mall. Instead of going down the traditional makeup route of signing a partnership with a department store or a well-known retailer like Sephora, Jay Manuel Beauty would operate physical stores.

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Do people date anymore? I mean, I know straight people do, but what about normal people ha ha? I can’t remember the last time I had a date. It was probably about 20 years ago. Now, all anyone ever wants to do is fuck and that just isn’t my thing. I have been on a variety of gay “dating” sites for years and have tried to get to meet people just for drinks initially, people who I’ve been chatting with on line, and all I ever get is “when are we gonna fuck?

Fayne has had Fibromyalgia since marvin runner antm marvin and renee still dating Posts about Marvin Cortes it shows us that male models should still act masculine and female Jourdan, Marvin, Cory, Chris, Don, Renee, Nina, Jiani Nov 12, · Briana Renee leaves LA star claims there’s “zero change” of getting back together. 2K likes.

Windows 10 mengambil langkah besar ke depan dari Rock-solid dan banyak digemari Windows 7, dan Windows 10 melangkah jauh untuk memperbaiki kekurangan pada Windows 8. Sekarang kita semua telah memiliki kesempatan untuk hidup dengan itu selama beberapa bulan, meskipun, ketidaksempurnaan dan kelemahan telah sempat permukaan. Apakah itu iritasi layar ekstra saat login, masalah privasi seperti merasakan Wi-Fi, atau frustrasi karena tidak dapat meng-upgrade di tempat pertama, di sini adalah 11 Masalah pada Windows 10, dan bagaimana memperbaikinya: Tidak dapat meng-upgrade dari Windows 7 atau Windows 8 Kita bisa menulis sebuah buku tentang masalah dari pelaporan orang-orang dengan upgrade ke Windows Dari Dapatkan Windows 10 atau GWX pelaporan aplikasi bahwa komputer sempurna layak tidak kompatibel, melalui aplikasi tidak pernah muncul di tempat pertama, untuk terhenti dan gagal download.

Jika Anda punya PC masih keras kepala menempel ke Windows 7 atau Windows 8, ada beberapa hal untuk mencoba: Jika ini tidak bekerja untuk Anda kembali ketika Windows 10 diluncurkan, mencoba lagi sekarang – alat telah ditingkatkan.

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Sunday, 28 June Tanning. Today was a much better day than yesterday, with everyone being able to get their designated breaks and everything getting done on time. It was still boring though.

Cheri was straight up to Eric saying I’m dating several people. I didn’t really see potential in Chris but damn her portfolio is actually really strong. Rhianna was really robbed:(love her fallen angel pic yara and nina have this. they could easily play on androgynous / fishy and look amazing.

Friday, August 15, Look: Bianca’s FB followers compared her stay inside the PBB house when she almost had an affair with fellow housemate Zanjoe Marudo in to Jane Oineza’s current “pagpapakatotoo” inside the house. Some of the comments from the tv host’s Facebook page are as follows Gonzalez wrote a message intended for her bashers. Fact, she’s welcoming them to her page.

To all my bashers posting here on my Facebook page, welcome! Para sa kalaaman ninyo, hindi makakasira sa akin ang issue ninyo na panlalandi ko sa PBB noon pang kay Zanjoe, habang boyfriend ko noon si Lino. Nasira na ako nun dati, pinagbayaran, at napagtagumpayan na rin. Matagal ko nang na-accept yan.