Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China , and it took a long time to reach the modern material. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, on a Chinese definition as high-fired ware. The wares were already exported to the Islamic world , where they were highly prized. From Peabody Essex Museum. Eventually, porcelain and the expertise required to create it began to spread into other areas of East Asia.

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I just recently decided to start saving them so I could write a guide. Therefore my pictures are limited. Each EBAY guide can only have 10 photographs each. This is the main reason I have to divide up the patterns into seperate guides. It may take me awhile to get all the patterns I have listed, as I have to do this in my spare time of which I do not have much! This guide s on some of the rare or harder to find patterns.

The company now known as Syracuse China was founded in as the Onondaga Pottery Company () in Geddes, New York (now a part of Syracuse). It was named after the county in which it was located and to celebrate that region’s native Iroquois tribe.

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syracuse o.p. co. china usa mayflower red floral 4″ ashtray The Mayflower pattern features red rims and red flowers in the center. The T-1 on the back dates this to January

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We’ll be closed until the last week in October, but you’re welcome to look around and contact us about anything you’re interested in. We love patterned china that is so well-loved by collectors, but there’s something about topmarked patterns and the hunt for their sources that remind us of a never ending scavenger hunt. Here are a few in the shop right now, from hotels, a railroad, and a very large company whose products are found in every home.

Tygart Trading Post is the exclusive outlet for our large collection of Carr China, and of course we also have vintage restaurant china and railroad dining car china added frequently from the major American manufacturers. And we also offer the largest selection of flip-top bowls – those heavy bowls made with china or glass bases and the addition of hinged metal lids that “flip” back on themselves.

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Bibliography of Sources for Further Study An Introduction to Celtic History The lands occupied by Celtic peoples, whose existence can be traced over more than 25 centuries, were vast. The Celtic people have mystified anthropologists and historians for generations. They were a non literate culture whose history and literature was preserved through oral tradition. The only written records of their civilization are the texts left by classical authors, the first of which appear circa BCE.

These accounts, inaccurate as they may be, are important in that they demonstrate that the Celts came into cultural contact, and sometimes competition, with the Greeks as well as the Romans. In recent years, modern archeology has been successful in reconstructing an echo of the “voice” of the ancient Celts. Facets of Celtic society, economy, and religion completely ignored by Classical texts have been brought to light. The classical image of Celtic life describes barbaric men and women dressed in uncured animal skins in primitive villages, people who worshipped strange deities and whose lives were consumed in blood feuds.

Because of the authority of the classical authors, these ancient misconceptions were pervasive. The Celts impressed the Greeks and Romans with their bold dress and powerful appearance. Generally characterized by classical observers as a people of fair hair, of red or gold, and fair complexions, although the people of the British Isles were described as small and dark-haired most Celtic women apparently stood taller than the average Roman citizen.

Celtic women, upon reaching maturity, adopted a complex braided style for their hair, and wore dyed and embroidered dresses. Plaids, or wrapped woven cloaks, were common for men and women alike, and gold and silver torques and armrills, as well as rings, adorned wealthy Celts.

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China has been limiting trade with North Korea since April. Tumbling imports of such major items as iron ore, clothing and fisheries goods led the drop. Imports of North Korean iron ore dipped

Syracuse China Corporation, located in Syracuse, New York, was a manufacturer of fine china. Founded in as Onondaga Pottery Company (O.P. Co.) in the town of Geddes, New York, the company initially produced earthenware.

The company, based in New Castle, Pennsylvania, continued operations until when it finally closed its doors. From to , the company focused on commercial china for use in restaurants, hotels and large institutions. It wasn’t until , when Theodore Haviland, of Haviland and Co. To identify Shenango-made china, examine the company’s marks for specific production years or look for the client’s name and a date stamp. Commercial Dishware Collectors of commercial or restaurant dishware use the backstamp on the bottom of plates, teacups and saucers to determine the age of a piece.

Because the marks made by the pottery company often changed by production years, these marks can help to identify the age of the china. In addition to the maker’s mark, the Shenango China Company often added the name of the hotel, company or restaurant for whom they made the china. For example, in through , the company used a circular seal bounded by the name of the company in the outer ring with the name of the buyer inside the seal, such as “Made for L. In about , the company developed a logo that includes a cross-legged breechcloth-covered Indian — viewed as if you were standing to his right side and behind him — decorating a piece of Native American pottery.

This logo appeared in various forms, along with client’s name, through Blank Name Sometimes the name of the blank body used for the china also appeared on the bottom of plates and saucers.

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Tweet This particular very early topmark is significant enough to have its own photo-historical web page in that it was the US Navys first use of a standardized Navy Seal so far ever recorded. This topmark consisted of an outspread winged eagle with federal banner, head facing or looking right, surrounded by highlights, and clutching a fouled anchor.

This topmark was exact and conistent in use for well over 14 years from as early as to as late as spanning years well prior to the Spanish American War thru the US Navy’s “Great White Fleet” circumnavigation of the world. Existant pieces of a crystalware decanter, stemware, and various fine china dinnerware pieces including a large 24″ fish server, 9″ dinner plates, demitasse cup, small berry berry bowl, milk or cream pitcher, and dinner cup all indicate that this topmark was used as a large well-established and complete dining service.

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How to Date Pottery By Linda Richard ; Updated April 12, Pottery tells a story and pottery made for import to the United States relates its own history, but most of us do not know how to read the date or history of pottery. Dating pottery and history intertwine as the pottery marks reflect changes in import and export laws established by the countries. Country of origin and import laws control the information on pottery imported to the United States. Locate marks to date pottery. A stamp or marking with the country of origin usually indicates an item made after , the date of enactment of the McKinley Tariff Act in the United States.

This act required that country of origin be marked on all imports. According to Harry Rinker, a noted authority on collectibles, marks were not required on individual pieces of a set. Items that were part of a set may have no marks. Look for “made in” marks on pottery. Changes enacted to the Tariff Act in required the words “made in,” followed by the country of origin. Items imported after about should be marked with this additional information.

Look for foreign names for country of origin. The changes to the Tariff Act required countries to use the American spelling of the name. Japan could no longer mark pottery with the Nippon name and the newly-formed Czechoslovakia developed an American spelling that was often hyphenated Czecho-Slovakia.

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